Shinoussa - Spirulina Flakes 75g

Our microalgae-based Spirulina is grown fresh everyday in a state of the art facility atop of the highest mountain on the Island of Crete Greece.

The reason for this is to control all the elements in order to create the world’s greatest, cleanest, most nutrient dense, and amazing tasting super food. We have the word’s only flake form of spirulina and our lab test validate the B12 and iron levels. While most other spirulina do not have this. Cretan Spirulina are mold free, bacteria free, chemical free, toxin free. The color of the flakes reveal the product integrity and nutrient density.

This Aqua Plant Spirulina is in flakes as it can be eaten as a snack. Added on food or salads or simply add to water or smoothies. Bio organic.


Product Benefits

• This is the world’s only real food form in flakes.
• Super taste, high in iron, B12, and is natures most powerful super food.
• Its over 60% protein which is much higher than meat by weight.


Ingredients: Bio organic spirulina.