Schinoussa - Beautiful Marine Collagen 60ct

Collagen is know as the glue that holds tissue together, rebuilds hair, skin, nails, arteries and joints.

Our source is from wild caught tilapia and is the most bio available and cleanest source of collagen.

The tilapia is type 1 and 3 which are the types to build strong and flexible and durable connective tissue, which is great for hair skin and nails.

Non GMO, Wild type 1,3 collagen is the highest bioavailability

90 Vegan Caps

Ingredients Per Capsule

• Hydrolyzed Wild Tilapia Marine Collagen: 600mg
• Vitamin C: 60mg
Recommended Dose: Take  (2-3)  V- Caps before bedtime
Recommended Use:  Supports soft tissue healing and anti aging