Kiss My Keto - Keto Bread Crumbs 8oz


These all-natural and guilt-free breadcrumbs are also suitable for paleo, bariatric, and diabetic diets!

Kiss My Keto's zero-net carb bread crumbs are the perfect choice for your favourite fried or breaded food recipes! The crumbs are the perfect way to bring that satisfying “crunch” back into your keto lifestyle! Bring back the crispiness you’ve been craving - without the guilt!

Make Your Dishes Crispy And Delicious

Wish you didn’t have to give up bread fried or breaded recipes on keto? Want that satisfying “crunch” back in your life - without the carbs or guilt? Then you’ll love this healthy and keto-approved alternative. With ZERO net carbs, you’ll stick to keto effortlessly with all the foods you thought you couldn’t have!